Under the Alder Tree is an uplifting resource that shares people’s experiences with M.E. or Chronic Fatigue.  I remember when I was diagnosed it initially felt pretty isolating and there was a lack of information out there.  I am really pleased to have made a recovery and when I think back, there were a lot of things that I learned along the way.  When I first became ill I had started a course, which I was forced to pull out from.  I came back around to the idea and this year I have been studying an International Business Masters at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.  When it came to choosing my project it seemed like a great opportunity to pull together a resource that could help provide comfort and support to others.

Check out the stories section, where you can find out what has inspired people during their recovery, such as nature, creativity or a particular therapy that has played an important role.  I hope this will provide some ideas and inspiration.  This is the kind of resource that I would have enjoyed reading during the worst of my symptoms.

I hope these stories also help to raise awareness.  In the UK around 250,000 people are affected and 17 million worldwide yet it’s a largely misunderstood illness.  You will find further info about many fantastic clinics, charity organisations and therapies under the resources tab.